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How do I rotate the puzzle pieces?
The puzzle pieces don't rotate, they are all correctly aligned.
Why are some puzzle pieces missing?
Probably because the pieces are trapped underneath a larger piece, you can bring smaller pieces to the surface by pressing the Shuffle button.
Ensure that your browser window is maximized fill your screen.
How do I pause the clock?
You can pause the timer clock by clicking on it.
Can I use my own photos as puzzles?
Yes, JigZone members can upload photos as puzzles, and send the as postcards or integrate them into web pages.
Sign Up here.
Can I save an incomplete puzzle for later?
At this time it is not possible to save the state of a puzzle and come back later. This feature may be added in the future.
Can I download the puzzle to play offline?
No. The JigZone has been created from the ground up as an online puzzle site and cannot be downloaded or purchased on CD.
Why Sign Up to JigZone?
By creating an account at, you can access advanced features of the site, including the ability to upload your own photos as puzzles, competing with buddies, and configuring the daily puzzle.
What is my password?
You choose a password when you Sign up.
If you can't remember your Password the click here
Can I modify my e-mail address?
Yes, if your e-mail address has changed, sign in with the e-mail you used when you registered with Jigzone. After sign in you will be invited to update your e-mail address details.
Update your e-mail address
Can I receive the puzzle-of-the-day by e-mail?
Yes, you can receive an e-mail every day with a link to the puzzle-of-the-day by Registering Here.
Why didn't I receive my puzzle-of-the-day e-mail?
If you have just registered, the first thing to check is that the e-mail address you gave is correct. (Note: e-mail addresses are often case sensitive and normally do not include spaces)

You can get instant access to your puzzle-of-the-day account details by clicking on the modify details link in the puzzle-of-the-day e-mail.
You can also sign-in to your account e-mail options.

If your address is correct, you can analyze your e-mail status, this will search for any recent delivery errors.

If you are not receiving the mail, there could be a problem with your mail box, or possibly your internet mail provider has filtered the mail as Spam and is not forwarding it to you.
Read your internet mail provider's help pages to find out how they filter bulk mail and what you can do about it. If you use AOL, complain to AOL support.

If you do not pick up your e-mails, after 40 days the e-mails will stop automatically. You can easily start them again at any time by clicking on the link in the last mail, and you can always access any puzzles that you have missed on the Previous puzzles page.

Why can't I click on the link in the puzzle-of-the-day e-mail?
It works for most people, but a small number of mail readers, notably that of AOL, do not automatically highlight a URL as a hyperlink.
How can I change my subscription e-mail address?
Sign-in using your old e-mail address and update your registration details.
Update your e-mail address
How can I cancel the e-mails?
and edit your puzzle of the day e-mail options.
Can I stop the e-mail while I'm on vacation?
You can modify your puzzle of the day e-mail options at any time by Signing-in to your account e-mail options.
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