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The JigZone Jigsaw Puzzle is free and requires no extra upgrades to a modern computer.

Compatibility with your computer is compatible with all modern computers. uses HTML5 technology on modern browsers and Java technology on obsolete browsers.
For better results, you may be able to upgrade your computer software to the newest version, or download an alternative make of browser.

The browser you are using now...

It worked before, but not today
This is probably due to a resource shortage on your computer or some out-of-date pages being cached.
Clear your browser's cache then restart your computer.

Try a different browser
Some browsers are more reliable than others, try Firefox or Opera.

It still doesn't work
We have done everything we know to make the puzzle compatible with most types of computers.
If it does not work on your computer, this is certainly due to the particular settings of your Computer, Browser, Firewall, or Network.
Due to the variety and complexity of computer setups, it is not possible for us to give and specific advice beyond what we have suggested above.

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